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The HazTrack Team will assist your plant managers in setting up the HazTrack system so that is structured exactly like their plant operations. Our team will also train your plant personnel on use of the system during the setup. HazTrack can provide specific system development and customization services to ensure the HazTrack system is integrated into your company's operations as seamlessly as possible. In the past, HazTrack has developed customized configurations to allow handheld data entry and has also created user interfaces that mimic existing less efficient systems in place, to minimize the impact on new users. The HazTrack Services team has also configured HazTrack for management of radiological waste, universal waste and medical waste.

The HazTrack Support team is always available to answer your questions about HazTrack products. Our support is flexible. We use phone, email, or tutorials to provide the information you need.

For more information about HazTrack service and support programs, email :

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